Sponsorship Requests

Okay, here is the deal… You must understand that sponsorships are based off of ROI (return on investment). This means that I need to get something in return for the sponsored product. What I'm looking for is exposure and advertising. There are 3 types of sponsorships; Competitor, Show/Demo, and Vehicle Club. Do NOT apply if you cannot meet the following requirements:

• Provide history of competitions, shows, events that the vehicle has participated in with winnings.

• Provide list of all shows that the vehicle will be attending this year.

• Provide profile of involvement in the industry.

A vehicle that wins a couple of shows and then sits until the finals may be successful, but it yields very little exposure. I'd rather sponsor a punk kind with a P.O.S. car that compete is SPL events every weekend and yields tons of exposure… Follow me?

If you feel you have something special to offer contact me directly. Send me pics, your profile and competition history. Upon receipt you will get a reply. After review, if chosen, you will be contacted with the contract form to fill out and you'll submit the form and product wish list for final approval. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL CONSTANTLY TO CHECK ON THE STATUS!!! Read that line again…

Thanx you for your interest in Soundstream. GOOD LUCK!


Send qualified inquiries to grizz@soundstream.com

Sponsorship Requests
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