You say you want one of the highest regarded amplifiers ever made. You say you don’t want to spend bazillion dollars. You spoke and we listened. Human Reign amplifiers are back and unleashed! The original series were very pricey due to the extraordinary heatsink. The guts are the same, high end parts you loved in the original series, but now, at about half the price!

The HRU.2 and HRU.4 amplifiers accept low level and balanced line inputs via our BLT Balanced Line Transmitters and the long-biased transistor period yield unparalleled sound quality. The 2-channel model is capable of 2x500 at 2 ohms and 1x1800 bridged. The 4-channel yields 4x140 and 2x480 bridged. With a pre-amp section that is unrivaled by any other brand, the Human Reign amplifiers are the ultimate audiophile products for the ultimate audiophile system…


• Regulated MOSFET Power Supply
• RUBI (Rapid-Use Branched Impulse) Proprietary Power Supply Topology
• STACT (Stabilized Apex Current Topology) Reduces Power Supply Stress by 50%
• Auto High-Current, Regulates Power Supply for Load Application
• Chassis-Sink Technology Transistor Placement for Optimum Thermal Transfer
• Triple Darlington Output Circuitry
• Hawkins Bass Control Proprietary Bass Equalization
• Harmonic Bass Alignment Tighter and Accurate Bass Reproduction
• IDI (Inteligent Distress Indicator) Visual Indication of Protection Status
• Drive Dealy II Eliminates Turn-On & Turn-Off Pops
• Ultra-Low ESR Capacitors for Rapid Power Delivery & Dynamic Transient Peaks
• Built-in Bi-Linear Crossovers Including Pre-Amp Outputs
• 4-Way Protection Topology (Thermal, DC Offset, Direct Short & Impedance)
• Iindividually Selectable Balanced Inputs for Highest Level of Noise Reduction
• 6dB Rear Channel De-Emphasis @ 7KHz
• 0-9dB 50-70Hz Bass Boost
• 12dB 13-30Hz Subsonic Filter
• Input Selection
• Pre-Amp Output
• 180o Phase Control

  HRU.2 HRU.4
Channels 2 Channel Class A/B 4 Channel Class A/B
RMS Power @ 4 Ohm, 14.4V 500w x 2 140w x 4
RMS Power @ 2 Ohm, 14.4V 900w x 2 240w x 4
RMS Power @ 4 Ohm Bridged, 14.4V 1,800w x 1 480w x 2
THD (4 Ohm Power) 0.005% 0.005%
Frequency Response 10-40kHz 10-40kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (4 Ohm Power) 105dB 105dB
Damping Factor (100Hz, 4 Ohm) 1,800 1,800
Signal Voltage 300mV-5V 300mV-5V
Potential Current Draw 200A 140A
Dimensions: (2.75"hx11.125"w) 22.125" 22.125"
Channels 1&2 HPF (12dB/octave) 50-500Hz / 500-5kHz 50-500Hz / 500-5kHz
Channels 1&2 LPF (24dB/octave) 40-160Hz -
Channels 3&4 HPF (12dB/octave) - 50-500Hz,
Channels 3&4 LPF (24dB/octave) - 40-160Hz
Hawkins Bass Boost 0-9dB, 50-70Hz 0-9dB, 50-70Hz
Subsonic Filter 12dB, 13-30Hz 12dB, 13-30Hz
Phase Control 180º 180º


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